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Hello, I’m Jules

And I’m passionate about getting your website and marketing to work efficiently and effectively.

This isn’t just a marketing pitch. As a creative entrepreneur, you’re important to me because I want to live in a world full of interesting independent companies and creative businesses. 

Overflowing with music, theatre, books and art.  Indulging in wonderful restaurants and funky bars. 

An interesting, creative and joyful world.


My creative career is because of my teenage hormones…

Embarrassingly, this is mostly true!  Due to an anomaly in the local school system, I went to an all-girls high school.

When I was a teenager I wanted to meet boys, or rather one boy in particular.


So I joined the local youth theatre group

This sparked a great passion.  And has meant that, for most of my professional career, I have worked in and around the creative sector.


A career working with creatives & small businesses

After being awarded a first-class degree I went on to work in theatre working up from stage management to being a Theatre Manager and finally a Producer.  From there I became a fundraiser for creative charities and then worked in financial administration for small creative businesses raising private finance.   

This means I have honed a distinct set of skills.  Giving me a solid background in harmonising creativity with practicality; finding imaginative solutions to intricate problems and working on projects which have grants or foundation funding.


and now…

All the experience and skills I have accumulated, alongside my passions and interests have led me to where I am today.

Because as well as a designer I am also a:
– creative problem solver
– organiser of information
– strategic thinker
– developer of experiences

I love working in collaboration with creative, kind-hearted, courageous entrepreneurs who are changing things for the better.

Working from my desk near the sea in Cornwall.  Drinking tea.  And more often than I should, eating cake.  Every day I feel lucky.  And grateful.


changing things


the better

Every quarter I donate to charities that support creatives in the UK, based on each new website project and with every testimonial.

I choose a different charity from a different art form every quarter.  If you know of a charity that you think would be suitable please let me know.

A shy, sea-loving, cake eater & music listener extraordinaire


Sometimes, I find it difficult being a quiet and shy person living in a noisy and public world.  However, I have made a conscious effort to turn these attributes into a positive for my business.


One of my true genuine passions is the sea.  I live in Cornwall and spend most of my spare time walking by, paddling in and gazing at the sea.   As well as eating and drinking amazing things, with a cracking sea view.


Not just because of my love of cake – with a cup of tea, naturally.  But also because I strive to be a kind, compassionate & broadminded person.

Music fan

I listen to music when I am working and I often create a playlist when I am focused on a specific project.  This playlist was created whilst designing my own website and is ideal if you need something gentle and calm.

I love discovering new music so if you ever have any recommendations, please do get in touch.

Kate, pilates instructor

Jules is totally different. She takes time to listen to what you want and gives you options on the way forward. It was such a refreshing change to work with someone who actually listened to what I wanted.

I’d love to start a real conversation

Jules VA has grown and rebranded and is now

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