Automate your content: Prep Now for a Stress-Free Summer Holiday!

The summer holidays are nearly here! It’s time to soak up some sun, relax, and enjoy some quality family time. But if you’re a creative business owner, the summer holidays can mean an extra workload – managing your social media presence and live content is time-consuming and there’s always something that needs to be done!

That’s why automating this content during the summer holidays is such a great idea. Taking a few simple steps to make sure your content is scheduled ahead of time can help you focus on taking a break from the hustle and bustle while still keeping your online presence active.

Why automate your content?

Social media automation offers many benefits for us small business owners. Automation tools can save time by doing many of the tedious tasks that are required for social media marketing, such as scheduling posts, responding to comments, and tracking analytics. 

  • Automation also allows you to be in control of what content is released and when. This means that you can plan ahead and make sure that your content is released in an organised and timely manner, while still having enough time to take a break for the summer holidays.
  • Automation also helps to ensure consistency with your messaging across platforms, making it easier to create a unified brand image and presence.
  • Finally, automation can help you reach a larger audience, as it can help you identify new trends, allowing you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

How to Automate Your Content

One option is using a social media management platforms which can help you schedule posts, keep track of your followers, and analyze your performance.

Another option is to use an automation tool that posts for you. These tools can take care of everything from posting updates to keeping your followers up to date with your latest work.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to take the time to learn how to use it properly. This will save you time and hassle, and enable you to take a break during the summer holidays without missing a beat.

There are so many tools and platforms available, I am not going to cover them all – just the ones I have used myself.  And following my value of running a transparent business – I am not affiliated or partnered with any in this blog!

1. Meta For Business

If you are only wanting to automate your content on Facebook and Instagram, this is a great option and it’s free.  Also, anecdotally, as it is an in-house tool then it is not penalised by the algorithm.  I have yet to see anything that states this as fact but Meta is known to favour its own in-house tools that it is a compelling argument.

2. SocialBee

SocialBee is another great automation tool for social media management. It lets you schedule posts, track your social media metrics, and send out automated messages. This is great for driving engagement, and for building a relationship with your followers.  It does cost but has the distinct advantage of being integrated with Canva. So if you use Canva for your graphics, you don’t need to download then upload to your automation platform, you can just link directly.

3. Speaking of Canva…

On the paid plan you can schedule directly to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook – which is an excellent time saver.  If you can’t afford to pay for larger charges for this type of automation then you can just sign up to Canva pro for a month to cover the Summer Holidays.

4. Metricool

The new kid on the block.  I’ve just started to use this one for my own social media and so far I really like it.  One of its additional features is that you can integrate your blog as well as your socials so all your scheduling and metrics are in one place!  It is user-friendly and quick to learn.  It is also reliable – I’ve had issues with posts not going live with my previous scheduler, which is why I am trying this one.  

These are just a few of the best automation tools for social media management. If you’re looking for a way to take a break during the summer holidays, using one of these tools is a great way to manage your accounts without having to worry about them.

To wrap it all up: automate your content and save time and energy. You can still monitor your accounts and engage when appropriate without having to be constantly plugged into your accounts. Now is the time to reap the benefits of automation and take a break from it all without worrying about what’s happening in cyberspace. So why not take a step back and see how automation can help you manage your business more effectively?

A wee bonus idea

Don’t forget about your out-of-office on your emails.  Yes, telling people when you’re back is needed but you can use this space a bit more proactively. What tone of voice would suit your needs the best – can you direct them to useful info, such as FAQs or pricing information?   

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