Here are some wonderful free resources which I have created because I am passionate about helping creatives and their businesses thrive!


This small but mighty tool filters your bank account transactions

Tired of seeing all those random expenses mixed in with your business stuff? Say bye-bye to the chaos and get a crystal-clear picture of your company’s financial health. The Money Miner is all about focusing on your business finances, so you can ditch the clutter of personal expenses and stay on top of what really matters.

Or maybe you are struggling to juggle multiple projects at once? No worries! Money Miner’s got your back. It’ll help you filter all that financial chaos and focus on just one project at a time.

Whether you’re rocking a small design studio, a freelance photography biz, or any other creative gig, Money Minder will simplify your money matters and ease your financial life.

There is also a detailed video walking you through the process – step by step.


A website is an investment

Do you want to make sure you get the most out of your time and money?

Maybe, you are tempted by a wonderful template you’ve seen someone else use but you are not absolutely sure that it is going to be right for you.

Or maybe, your current website is ok, but you know it can be better.  You just don’t know where to start.

This is not one of those guides that makes you feel overwhelmed or inadequate so you’ll hire me.

It gives you a process to follow so you can make smart decisions on your own terms based on what works for you.

And is full of professional guidance and some insider tips that I use with every client.

Are you ready to supercharge your creative business?

The Mojo is designed exclusively for passionate creative entrepreneurs like you. Get ready to infuse your journey with inspiration, valuable insights, and game-changing strategies to fuel your success!

Live Challenge

Wednesday, 10th July 2024
UK 4pm | EUROPE 5pm | NEW YORK 11am

I’ll guide you through clear steps & insider tips to help you unlock the full potential of your homepage.  Created to make sure your homepage project is a success - starting with your mindest, creating an actionable plan and how to keep up the momentum and stay motivated.

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