How do I improve my website?

If you’re wondering ‘what on earth can I do to improve my website’ or you’re just feeling frustrated with your website’s performance? You’re not alone.  Struggling to transform clicks into clients is a real problem for so many people.

I get the challenges you’re facing. Whether it’s feeling lost in the tech maze or scratching your head over customer journey maps, I’ve got your back. With a toolbox full of tricks and experience, we’ll supercharge your website into a lean, mean success machine.

Imagine turning tire-kickers into loyal customers, crafting killer marketing funnels, and boosting your bottom line.

If you’re thinking that all sounds lovely, but HOW can I improve my website?

Don’t fret – I’ve got a bag full of tried-and-tested ideas and a streamlined process, all geared towards ensuring your website works hard for you!

I’m your go-to

problem solver

Your guiding light in identifying exactly what your website needs to reach its full potential. And  I won’t just leave you hanging. I’ll be right there by your side, every step of the way, helping you to implement those game-changing improvements.

Here are the three main areas we can focus on, along with some suggestions to kickstart your journey.

Boost your website’s functionality

Maybe your website just needs a little extra oomph to really shine. Ever thought about adding a blog? It’s like giving your site a megaphone to shout about your expertise and boost your SEO at the same time. Or how about diving into the world of e-commerce?

Imagine turning your skills and knowledge into cold, hard cash…

from £200

Online marketing magic – niffty, not shifty

One of my favourite areas!  Have you ever considered lead magnets, so you can draw your audience in? And don’t forget killer sales pages! They roll out the red carpet, making what you offer irresistible. Plus, with email marketing integration and sales funnels, you’ll turn leads into loyal customers in no time. 

Time to amp up your marketing game!

from £150

Crafting customer Journeys

One of the most effective solutions is to give your homepage a makeover. It’s like giving your front door a fresh coat of paint—inviting and irresistible. Or customer journey mapping,  pinpointing those touchpoints and smoothing out the bumps. And personalisation strategies, so your content and offers can be tailored to fit each user like a glove.

Turn your visitors into super fans!

from £300

Let’s turn your digital dreams into reality >

How does it WORK? 

Tailoring solutions to your needs

If you already know what you want, or need, then that’s great.  Otherwise, we start by understanding your goals and challenges as a creative business owner. Focusing on short term and long-term goals.  

A strategy that works for you

No quick fixes or sleazy tactics, it’s about implementing changes that consistently generate revenue, saving you time and ultimately propelling your business forward.  I understand the importance of running a thriving creative business that not only survives but flourishes. That’s why I’m here to collaborate with you, focusing on creating a strategy that directly impacts your bottom line.

Putting your plan into action

No need to fret if this feels overwhelming—we’ll tackle it step by step, starting with what’s most urgent. I am not about the hard sell or forcing you down a route you are unsure about it.  And there’s absolutely no rush to do it all at once. This journey is all about collaboration, with you at the helm, crafting your website into the one you’ve always envisioned, one step at a time.

Enjoy the journey, with a lot of support

I believe in making the process enjoyable and stress-free as possible. My friendly, gentle, helpful and often humorous approach ensures that you feel supported and motivated throughout your website transformation journey.

You might be wondering…

Who's this for?

Creative entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to elevate their online presence and drive business growth. Freelancers looking to showcase their portfolios, small boutique owners aiming to expand their customer base through e-commerce, photographers wanting to attract potential clients, independent artists seeking to sell their artwork directly, and creative professionals wanting to showcase their services with a wider audience.

What website platforms do your work on?

I specialise in WordPress websites and have an excellent working knowledge of Divi, Kadence and Elementor.  However, if your website is on a different platform I may still be able to help, especially with crafting customer journeys.

What if I'm not tech savvy?

No worries – I’m your trusty geeky sidekick.  I also want to empower you to be able to use your website and update it yourself. So we’ll have some one-to-one sessions during our time together so you’ll be so used to the behind-the-scenes set-up of your website.

What sort of goals do you work towards?

Some of the big-hitting goals are: boosting online visibility and organic traffic to attract more potential customers, enhancing user experience and engagement on their website to encourage longer visits and repeat visits, optimising website loading speed for a seamless browsing experience and reduced bounce rates, improving website design and aesthetics for a visually appealing and professional online presence, and increasing website visibility. And integrating secure payment gateways and streamline the e-commerce experience to boost online sales and conversions.

Can you guarantee results?

While I can’t provide a specific guarantee on the results, I can assure you that my approach is grounded in proven methods I’ve successfully employed in the past. The plan is meticulously crafted, drawing from tested marketing principles and industry-established practices. By leveraging these strategies tailored to your unique needs, we’ll work together to maximise your website’s potential and drive tangible growth for your business.

What about edits and changes after we've finished?

My goal is to equip and empower you to update and use your website yourself through the resources I give you.  Also, for quick questions – I am just an email away.  If it is something substantial or complex then you can always just hire me!


Ready to take the next step or have a burning question? Don’t be shy—just drop your info in the form below, and let’s chat. Can’t wait to hear from you!

hannah, artist & producer

Jules is my I.T. guru! She is great at finding cheeky workarounds.

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