Semi-custom websites 

Ready to level up your online game without breaking the bank or losing your mind over complicated tech stuff?

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter designs that make your site look like everyone else’s and wave ta-ta to the headaches of a fully custom site. If you want something as unique as you are without the hefty price tag, then semi-custom is your jam!

Picture this: a website tailor-made to fit you and your audience like a glove, drawing them in like moths to a flame (minus the burnt wings, of course!). We’re talking about turning visitors into raving fans faster than you can say “click here.”

here’s the LOWDOWN

Imagine your homepage as the friendly neighbour who waves and invites everyone in for a chat. That’s what our custom home pages do – they draw people in and make them feel right at home, right from the get-go.  They’re like the supporting actors in a blockbuster movie – carefully chosen from our stash of professionally designed templates to keep your audience hooked and coming back for more.

But wait there’s more! You’ll also get your hands on four handy guides and workbooks, packed with tips and tricks to spruce up your site’s vibe and keep your visitors glued to the screen. And me by your side every step of the way.  It’s like having a cheat code to online success – consider them your trusty toolkit for crafting a site that’s as unique as you are.

So why sweat it out with the DIY route when you can have the whole shebang? Let’s chat and give your online presence the makeover it deserves. Because let’s face it, your success story deserves to shine brighter than a shooting star!

A collabrative PROCESS 

Your business and brand

Together we delve deep into the wants and needs of your clients, and your business goals.  Both now and in the future.  Ensuring your website can both grow with your business, and help your business to grow.

Understanding your clients

By putting your clients at the centre of everything, by getting to know them on a deeper level, together we can create a website that truly speaks to their needs and desires. We’ll dig into their pain points, aspirations, and preferences, so we can craft a website that resonates with them like never before.

Maximising their experience

Your visitors need to have a seamless and enjoyable experience, making it easy for them to explore your products or services. By optimising every element of your website, from navigation to load times, we ensure that your visitors stay engaged and keep coming back for more.

Converting them into loyal customers

Your site will be designed to guide your visitors towards taking the desired action – whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or asking for more information. A beautiful website is great, but what truly matters is making sure that it consistently drives conversions and boosts your bottom line.

Marketing and SEO

The foundation of any hard-working website – your site will be connected to your email marketing provider and integrate marketing sections at strategic points in your website.  If you’d like something more advanced, like a marketing funnel, just ask me.  Your new website will also be integrated with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel, if you can supply me with the code.  And basic on-page SEO will be set up and you’ll find guidance in the workbooks to help you with your SEO.

Crackin' support from your co-creator

At each stage you’ll have a guide and fillable workbook, so that we can cover everything needed from functionality, style, homepage engagement, customer journey to copywriting and website images. Alongside your client portal, a shared workspace,  one-to-one sessions and resources so that you are empowered to use your site – I am with you every step of the way.

Looking for more details about my web design services? Drop me a line, and I’ll send you my guide!

Inclusions & FEATURES

Bespoke home page

Stand out from the crowd with a home page tailored to your brand’s essence.

Customer journey blueprint

Map out the perfect path to guide your visitors from curiosity to conversion.

Branding brilliance

Elevate your identity with a consultation on style and branding.

SEO mastery

Dominate search engine rankings with our comprehensive guide and optimization techniques.

Seamless email integration

So you can connect effortlessly with your audience

Compelling copywriting

Captivate your audience with your expertly crafted content, with my support and prompts and tips.

Universal compatibility

Reach customers on any device with responsive design optimized for all screen sizes.

Launch assistance

Receive expert support and promotion to ensure a successful website launch.

Ongoing support

Stay ahead with a few months of email assistance to address any questions or concerns.

any questions?

You might be wondering…

Who is this for?
  • If you’re not quite ready to dive into the deep end with a fully custom website but still want a pro-level site that’s fast, SEO-friendly, and dripping with style
  • You need a site that is more than just the core pages and a home page that is a conversion powerhouse, crafted to reflect your individuality in every pixel
  • You’re eager to launch your shiny new site ASAP, and not spend months waiting.
What if I'm not tech-savvy?

No worries – this is designed for people just like you.  After our one-to-one session, you’ll be so used to the behind-the-scenes set-up of your website that you’ll be completely empowered to use it and update it yourself. 

What do you use to build the site?

I use WordPress with a page builder called Divi, and sometimes Kadence depending on your needs.  WordPress is a free and flexible platform so it means your site can grow as your business develops.  I have chosen to use Divi and Kadence as it makes the building process quick, and so more affordable. They are both user-friendly, so they are easier for you to use on your own.

What pages are included, and can I have more?

You’ll get all the pages featured in the template we choose together, which form the core of every good website.  But just a heads up, the package doesn’t include eCommerce or course system integration. If you need more that is completely fine but it will mean your new website will take a bit longer and cost a bit more.

What about branding

Starting with your logo, the information from our Getting to Know You session and your answers in the Style and Branding Workbook – I’ll create a style guide including typography, colours and design elements – for your approval.  

Is it ok if I am service-based?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a consultant, freelancer, coach, or offer any other service, the uncomplicated process and expertly crafted designs can effectively showcase your expertise and offerings. I understand the unique needs of service-based businesses, and our goal is to create a website that not only reflects your brand but also effectively communicates the value of your services to potential clients. So, rest assured, I am more than ready to assist you in establishing a strong online presence for your service-based business.

What if I already have a website

Then this would be a completely fresh start for you – which can have loads of positives such as improved design, a better user experience for your visitors and better usability for you.  I’ll handle your SEO with the utmost care to preserve your existing rankings and re-submit your newly designed site to Google.  

What if I don’t have written copy or images

You will have a fillable workbook which covers all the essentials of website.  If you don’t have your own images I can direct you to some free resources and your workbook tells you exactly what to do to prepare them for uploading them to your new website.

What about edits and changes after it is launched

My goal is to equip and empower you to update and use your website yourself through the resources I give you.  Also, for quick questions – I am just an email away.  If it is something substantial or complex then you can always just hire me!

Is it ok if I am a new business

Certainly! The process is designed to guide you seamlessly, ensuring that your new business gets a professional and visually appealing website in just one day. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to refresh your online presence, I’m here to help you make a strong digital debut.


Ready to take the next step or have a burning question? Don’t be shy—just drop your info in the form below, and let’s chat. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Jules takes you through a lovely process where you reconnect with your own business. You’ll have a fresh or affirmed perspective on your business.

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Hi, I’m Jules

And I’m all about making your website and marketing dreams a reality – efficiently and effectively, of course.

But let me tell you, this isn’t just about business for me. As a fellow creative entrepreneur, I genuinely care about seeing independent businesses thrive.  Because I envision a world filled with vibrant, independent businesses like yours, where creativity knows no bounds.

So, let’s team up and bring a little more magic to the world. Ready to make some waves together? Let’s chat!

If you think you might need something a bit more simple?  Then check out my Done In a Day websites

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