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Does your mind cloud over when you think about mailing lists, lead magnets, marketing funnels and CRMs?

Maybe, you have an email list but don’t really know what to do with it except send the occasional update.  Or a panic email when work is running low.

Alternatively, you keep repeating similar tasks again, and again.  And it’s getting boring as well as being a waste of your time.

There’s no need to worry, I can help with all this and more.  And make sure you are empowered to use the processes once they are set up.

I specialise in creating processes & workflows for your business & marketing

designed so that


business can thrive

From integrating an email marketing system into a website.  To a complete analysis, research and strategy so that you can achieve your future goals.

It doesn’t matter the size of a project together, we’ll create a system that works for you, your business and your clients.

And that you'll be comfortable and confident in your online presence

Making sure your business, website and marketing will be in better shape.


Each project is different and different businesses have different needs.  These three areas are my specialist areas.

Marketing funnels & email automation

Identifying the points where content and contact would help your people know you and your business better, whilst being genuine and considerate.

If a whole marketing funnel seems too big a project then creating some automation using email marketing could be the answer.

Tech integration

There are so many applications and tools available, that can be of huge benefit to freelancers and independent businesses. But it can be overwhelming.

I’m here to give guidance on tools and help with the technical setup.

Research and strategy

Together we delve deep into the wants and needs of your clients, your business goals (both now and in the future) and how we can use the internet to get you there.  With me listening to, guiding & supporting you every step of the way. 

any questions?

all the DETAILS

If you would like more information about these areas and the project’s prices.  Just fill in your name and email and I’ll send a guide straight to your inbox.

So that you can go through it in your own time.

You won’t be joining a mailing list, I’ll only email you about this guide.

hannah, artist & producer

Jules is my I.T. guru! She is great at finding cheeky workarounds.

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