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When web design and marketing are combined, the result is a turbo-charged website.

That is all about attracting, connecting & communicating with the right people, at the right time.

Working hard to build real connections & make you unforgettable.

Are you concerned about spending time and money on your website and not achieving your goals?

It all starts by drawing in your ideal clients and making them feel right at home.  With purposeful designs to engage, guide and inform them.

  • build trust & credibility with your people
  • harmonise your customers’ needs & your business priorities
  • help you to outshine your competition

Together we will start by looking at your business (both now and future plans) alongside your clients’ journey.

I’ll help provide content prompts and ideas alongside call-to-action buttons.  All so that your website is full of engaging content that converts visitors into fans.

People pay more attention to brilliant stories, told beautifully – I can help you do that.

Poised between creativity & practicality

I balance the visual aspects of web design with the goals and aspirations of your business.

A collaboration

Between us both, in which I take the time to understand your business and make sure you are listened to, guided & supported every step of the way.

With an integrated approach to your online presence

I specialise in planning and building marketing processes to help your business develop and thrive

In a gentle, kind & supportive work environment

Minimising as much as possible any stress and anxiety.

What stage are you at in your business?

tailored web design


creative businesses

Each business is unique and at a different point in its journey.  These services have been designed to help you no matter your business’s stage.  

The thrifty fix
For those in the DIY stage of their business, or on a tight budget.

A bespoke experience
For people who are ready to connect with their ideal client.

An elegant solution
For businesses that are developing their marketing.

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all the DETAILS

If you would like all the details about what is included in the different projects. Including the extras, I offer from e-commerce to a redesign of your homepage.

You won’t be joining a mailing list, I’ll only email you about this guide.

veronica, photographer

I knew from the moment we spoke that I could trust Jules with my vision. She will go the extra mile for her clients. I felt like I made a friend.

Jules VA has grown and rebranded and is now

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