What do you want your website to do?

Help me get more clients, is the common answer – but how can your website do this?

First, let’s break it down into 4 easy steps of how to do this.

Connect with visitors

How your website looks is key here but so is your text.  What you say and the tone you say it in is imperative to making that connection. 

Always remember – your website is about them not you.  Make sure you address them and any issues they may have. 

My favourite website “to do” is – to build know, like, and trust

This is one of my favourite answers to the question – what do you want your website to do? And your website is so good at delivering on this.

And I mean SO good!

The “know” is the easy bit – what you do, how you do it etc.

The “like” – is a bit more complex as it involves you, your work and your approach. But if your website uses the right features and functions (and design) then this can be made easier.

The ”trust” bit – well, websites are brilliant at this! Testimonials, screenshots of social media comments, behind-the-scenes videos, and blog posts to show your expertise – and that’s me just getting started!

Make people aware of my business

Self-promotion can be difficult for many freelancers, I struggle with it a lot. So I use my website as much as possible to help make people aware of my business. That way I don’t need to be a flamboyant flamingo!

Your website can highlight your expertise and knowledge, make your potential client feel a little bit special and start the process of getting to know, like and trust you.   It also lets you collect some very useful data for future nurturing, marketing and promotion.

Website marketing means more clients and less wasted time – all whilst you outclass your competition.

Convert web visitors into clients

This is the golden goal of most websites, particularly my clients. They want their website to encourage visitors to hire them.

All the ideas we looked at this week help lead up to this point but there is still more that your website can do to help you achieve this goal.

Today I was listening to “F&J” by Sananda Maitreya

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