Write captivating website content using ChatGPT

In today’s digital era, your website acts as the virtual gateway to your brand. It’s where potential customers form their initial impressions and make decisions about further engagement.

Remember, your website is all about your clients, not just you. So we need to make sure that it speaks directly to them, using language and a style that resonates with them. 

Stage 1 to writing website content using ChatGPT

Define Your Brand Voice and Message

Before diving into content creation, it’s essential to define the voice, tone, and message of your brand. Your brand voice encompasses the personality and style you use to communicate with your audience.

Are you playful and witty or professional and authoritative? Understanding your brand’s voice sets the stage for all communication efforts, ensuring coherence and authenticity.

step 2

Copy a paragraph of text you’ve written, that you like, paste into a new prompt and ask it to analyse it for tone, style and voice

step 3

Take another paragraph that someone else has written that you also really like, that speaks to their audience in a way that you would like to speak to yours.  And ask it to do the same.

Writing in Your Brand’s Tone, Style, and Voice

Choose the words that you think will work best for your brand and your audiences. Now at the beginning of each new prompt ask it to write in the tone of xxx, the style of xxx and the voice of xxx.

With these parameters set in place, ChatGPT can generate content that seamlessly aligns with your brand’s identity. It can craft product descriptions, blog posts, or landing pages that resonate with your target audience.

Writing website content using ChatGPT helps you to maintain a consistent brand message and saves you time!

BUT remember

What chatGPT gives you is not finished text.  Make sure you edit it so it has your human touch.  Following the premise that people buy people and not products or services – when people read your website they need to connect with you, if it sounds like a computer wrote your copy then that’s not going to happen!

Want to know the next stages?

Here’s a quick guide to writing website content using chatGPT

After a year of writing content using ChatGPT for my own business, I’m thrilled to share my invaluable insights with you. Originally created for my esteemed Done in a Day to streamline our collaboration process, this guide has garnered immense interest from others eager to use ChatGPT for their own ventures.

Are you looking to give your homepage a

Look no further

This mega checklist is designed to help you focus on the essentials of your homepage and help you connect with your visitors.

But don’t worry, I won’t just drop a checklist on you and leave you hanging. I’ve included extra information and additional resources to guide you through each checklist action point in detail.

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